Robin antin dating matt goss

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Tolentino's collection featured evening gowns and cocktail dresses highlighted in bright reds, purples, blues and greens inspired by his tropical Phillipines homeland.He wove organic silk, chiffon, taffeta, tulle and organza with intricate beading and crystals to create his eco-friendly pieces.

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Where is the weirdest place you’ve been recognised? I was walking down a little path by myself and this British couple behind me said: ‘Matt? I felt like a bit of a knob in it, it was like ‘look at me’.

’ They said they recognised me by my walk, which was a bit weird.

These pieces, along with his flowered mermaid gown made of sustainable pineapple fabric, earned Tolentino a standing ovation.

Following Tolentino's collection debut, Elizabeth Mason of vintage store, The Paper Bag Princess, celebrated classic couture with her personal vision of Valentino.

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His range of day-time dress-up and evening wear was beautiful and well-made, but a few pieces in particular stood out.