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The GENYOUth program is a private, non-profit that receives about million annually from the dairy check-off. In the publics eye, no state is more closely identified with a single food product that Wisconsins link to cheese. We reproduce four excellent graphs tracking dairy product consumption for the past 40 years.

Dairy Farmers of America is offering cheap Class III milk to Wisconsin plants from the Mid-East order. But the weekly dairy commodity price survey of manufacturers by USDAs Agricultural Marketing Service didnt go down. In late August, the Courts came down hard on Defendants in dairys long-running milk powder mis-reporting case.

Some point to market disruptions caused by adverse weather.

But others suspect that CMEs shift to electronic trading n late June 2017 may be the culprit.

At a recent state DNR meeting, owner Todd Tuls claimed to be gifted by God to be a dairy farmer.

The Milkweed pokes scriptural fun at Tuls claims of being divinely anointed to milk thousands of cows making millions of gallons of waste. One from Illinois, has Foremost Farms haul his milk to a Michigan Milk Producers Assn. And of course, nothing Big happens in the Northeast without Dairy Farmers of America.

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Wiegel explains the issues, and strongly urges that more research into Kappa Casein Es functionality be conducted in the U. Writer Ken Rabas offers his personal insights about curd formation issues involving milk from cows with the Kappa Casein E gene.