Accommodating antonym

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Accommodating antonym

While endorsing Churchill’s “rigid” anti-Soviet policies and British colonialism over “naïve” American idealists, Kissinger remarked on his service to the British while in the U. government: The British were so matter of factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree never before practiced between sovereign nations.

In my period in office, the British played a seminal role in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union. In my White House incarnation then [as National Security Adviser] I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department.

For your information, under the domestic security guidelines set forth by the Attorney General, the FBI does not have an active investigation of Lyndon La Rouche or the NCLC.” As we shall see, this is the same British smear, in the same British speculative language, used to paint Donald Trump with the “Russian dupe” brush. We document below some of what La Rouche was doing to provoke the British call for his head in 1982.

That allegation, of activity on behalf of a foreign power, the Russians, unleashed a full spectrum of intelligence agency weapons from Constitutional constraints under the Reagan Administration’s Executive Order 12333 and subsequent renditions governing classified counterintelligence activities, particularly the subsequent versions of E. His activities included back-channel negotiations with the Russians concerning the Strategic Defense Initiative on behalf of the CIA and National Security Council.

This dossier will walk you through Mueller’s career based on what is readily and publicly available.

It is a trail of prosecutorial misconduct, including what former Senator Bob Graham calls “aggressive deception” of the U. Congress and the public concerning the events of September 11, 2001, and includes a major role in the creation of the post-9/11 surveillance state which has eviscerated and destroyed the Fourth Amendment and the rest of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Robert Swan Mueller III—the special prosecutor tasked to take down the President of the United States—is, as his name attests, a product of elite private schools and universities. In reality, Robert Swan Mueller III is about as corrupt as they come, bending and twisting the law every which way necessary to serve the goals of those who provide him assignments.This British demand to the FBI immediately followed a letter, on August 19, 1982, from Henry Kissinger to FBI Director William Webster, demanding that La Rouche be investigated for “harassing” Kissinger.This is the same Henry Kissinger who, in a speech at the Royal Institute for International Affairs on May 10,1982, had openly declared himself to be a British agent of influence.But, both men touched what has amounted to the third rail of American politics after Franklin Roosevelt’s death.They threatened the post-War Anglo-American British imperial system.

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After that he never wanted to do anything but prosecute.