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How to throw a speed dating party

As a matchmaker, I have been known to host some kick-ass events to ensure my clients have a great experience and help them find them whatever it is that they are looking for.Whether your needs are casual or more serious, speed dating is definitely something all singles should employ on their quest to find love.Also, I wouldn't guarantee any turnout commitments, etc.

Most will not mind answering any questions you may have about their process.There are so many myths and stigmas out there attached to these types of events but the truth is, speed dating is one of the most effective ways to meet new people for dating.As a matchmaker, I often suggest that my clients invest in speed dating and here's why: The key to successfully securing dates is exposure.Appeal to their "social side" not their "single (unmatched) side".**Remember to keep communication open with the business owners and thank them for their support.

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Additional Info **Assure your guest that the events are for entertainment.

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