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Although this intervention in Guayaquil was quite themed, making the informal settlement look similar to a theme park, it also allowed a local commerce to spring up.

Through education programs and some financial support, the municipality facilitated new commercial spaces and other small businesses in the area…With this comparison, I am not trying to defend Las Peñas- there are also very problematic aspects in this type of intervention- I simply want to point out that the Open Air Museum seems more like a spending than an investment for the favela and its reintegration to the city.

To be honest, I didn’t realize that I was in the museum, not knowing what to expect, as this intervention is also referred to the “Favela Museum”, I at least imagined some kind of an open air plaza containing informative panels and photographs.

Quite different, the “open air museum” consists of a change in the ground treatment, moving from concrete to a white stone treatment.

As I mentioned previously, I was able to visit the favela thanks to a local photographer and community leader Mauricio Hora (as well as organizer of FAVELARTE).

Mauricio was kind enough to tell me when I could take photographs and when I had to hide my small digital camera due to the presence of the police or the drug dealers in the favela.

The 25-year-old was arrested at an apartment in the city of Curitiba, 200 miles south of Sao Paulo where she lived with her husband and two-year old son and kept her life of crime hidden, according to police.

”The woman left her comfortable life in Curitiba to travel to Sao Paulo to commit crimes.

Contrary to my initial thoughts, the open air museum is not a formal museum in itself.

In effect, the Morro da Providencia, is currently a target of the UPP, and soon become another of the “liberated” favelas. p=393), the various bullet holes are reflections of the various violent encounters that the favela is currently witnessing.

To make a last quick point with regards to Morroda Providencia, the favela, in addition to the Olympic village constructed at the foot of the morro, there have been various proposals regarding interventions in Morro da Providencia and it’s surrounding port area.

To her it was an adventure fuelled by adrenaline,” explained Mr Pereira.

Police are also searching for Mrs Vendramini’s sister who is believed to be a member of the gang and whose whereabouts is currently unknown.

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