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Dating a witch

In the tiny West African nation of Gambia, an anti-witch campaign was conducted in 2009 to root out witches and evil sorcerers.

Going village to village, “witch doctors” accompanied by police, soldiers, and security forces rounded up around 1,000 villagers at gunpoint and brought them to secret locations.

On back of foam-core, position 2 skewers as base of arms; duct-tape in place.

Duct-tape loop of monofilament at top for hanging.3.

To create head, wrap 4" foam ball in polyester batting until about 6" in diameter; secure with hot glue.

Pierce ball with 3 skewers to create tripod, then poke other end of skewers into top of foam-core body; secure with hot glue.4.

Believing the murder had been forgotten, Olivares, then 78, returned to the sleepy town in western Mexico, only to be arrested while walking to a bus station.

His arrest came one year after the slaying of a woman in central Mexico at the hands of another female who claimed that she, too, had been possessed due to witchcraft.

Many of us think that people are too sophisticated today to believe in such nonsense. This list examines these modern evils, shedding light on present-day attacks and cold-blooded murders brought on by superstitious beliefs and the irrational fear of witches and witchcraft.There, they were forced to drink a dangerous hallucinogenic potion.Those who did not die from the concoction were subjected to prolonged torture with knives, severe beatings, cigarette burns, and electric shock.Stenciled, halved Fun-Kins anchor a cascade of maple leaf garlands.Add potted mums in apple baskets and sugar pumpkins striped with dried corn husks for a front door that will last into Thanksgiving.1. Use a paintbrush to dab acrylic paint onto the quills of 6 to 9 pinecones; let dry.2.

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Gather wire strands together, varying lengths to create a full, upside-down bouquet; secure with a twist tie.

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