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Dating a recovering addict advice

Visitors fall in love with our house as soon as they step over the threshold and are greeted by the large stained-glass window in the hallway. This domestic daydream is just that — the result of the countless hours I spend surfing property websites from my two-bedroom flat in a corner of South-East London. It’s perfectly acceptable in a boring urban kind of way.But my favourite room of all is the dining kitchen, decorated in a delicate shade of ivory and cornflower. I often sit there, a casserole in the oven, a glass of Shiraz in hand, gazing out at the majestic views over the countryside and wondering how I’m so fortunate to own it. But from my desk in the small second bedroom where I’m supposed to earn a living, I’ve known whole afternoons pass by unproductively as I am sucked into the virtual vortex of ogling other people’s houses.He’s quite good at putting a check on that.” Pike, who has been with Uniacke for six years, first grabbed public attention when she landed the role of the Bond girl in Die Another Day at the age of 21, before going on to appear in Pride and Prejudice and An Education, but she denies that success has fallen into her lap.“I feel very uncomfortable because people think I have walked into this profession through connections and looks, and they somehow think it’s easy – and it’s not f****** easy. And I didn’t have parents, or a social set, who had anything to do with the film industry,” she said.Her parents are opera singers who raised her in a flat in Earl’s Court before she won a scholarship to Badminton School, in Bristol.From there she went to Wadham College, Oxford, temping to pay her way and avoid getting into debt.But she denies she doesn’t have a good”radar for men”. they’re people I’m happy to have shared time with.” Now 35, Pike is seven months pregnant and the birth of the baby will coincide with the release of both Gone Girl and What We Did on Our Holidays, the story of a couple about to divorce.

Before that she was in a relationship with the actor Simon Woods, who turned to to be gay.One in five confessed surfing the web for hot properties for an average of four (only four?) hours each week, although around half a million devotees dedicate ten to 14 hours a week.His second wife, Rose Batstone, is an interior designer with whom he has three children Pike describes Uniacke as the most interesting person she’s ever come across and dismisses suggestions that the age gap between them is a sign of her desperation.“The idea that you go for an older man because you think you’re less likely to be left by him, that’s the biggest pile of crap ever.

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Allow me to tell you a little bit about my lovely home.

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