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The closer this number is to 0, the stronger the cell signal (or the closer you are to a tower).

The Field Test entries under categories on this page are: "Neighboring Cells" you can see how many cell towers or relays are visible to your i Phone while using GSM (2G).

In addition to https://, ftp:// protocol identifiers, the i Phone also supports tel://, facetime://, and mailto:// You must have a complete and valid URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for it to work.

First you’ll want to backup the i Phone, then insert a valid SIM card into it and restore the i Phone as new with i Tunes to complete the unlock.With the i Phone freshly unlocked, now restore it from the backup you made before starting and you’re good to go.Something to keep in mind if you’re following the unlock procedure is that you must have an active SIM card of some sorts, the carrier doesn’t matter.Current and previous AT&T customers will need to have the wireless number and basic account details, while non-customers and those who paid the full price only need the name, email, and the place of purchase.Then it’s just a matter of filling out a form and waiting: Check your email in a minute or two and you’ll find a request number that can be used to follow the status, but it’s so quick now that you likely won’t need to bother.

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