Updating registry with

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Updating registry with

See section Application for a holding account in the CDM registry for more information on how to open a holding account in the CDM registry.The procedure and requirements are the same for both, temporary holding accounts and permanent holding accounts.

Units (CERs, l CERs or t CERs) being held in a permanent holding account can only be forwarded to the holding accounts of entities registered as participants in the CDM project activities that originated those units and with an authorisation (LOA) from an Annex I Party (national registry holding accounts) or non Annex I Party (permanent holding account in the CDM registry).There is no specific time limit for CERs to remain in the Pending Account of the CDM registry and they are forwarded to the holding account of project participants in accordance with the modalities of communication in place at the time of the request.(See section How to forward CERs to a holding account of a project participant).This is the account where CERs, l CERs and t CERs are issued upon instruction by the EB and therefore contains all those units that have been issued and not yet forwarded to the holding accounts of project participants.Decision 3 CMP/2005/8/Add.1(paragraph 66) states that upon being instructed by the Executive Board to issue CERs for a CDM project activity, the CDM registry administrator, working under the authority of the Executive Board, shall, promptly, issue the specified quantity of CERs into the pending account of the Executive Board in the CDM registry, in accordance with Appendix D.

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The CDM registry used to support temporary holding accounts for project participants with authorisation from an Annex I Party (country) wishing to receive CERs and whose national registry is not yet connected to the ITL. Each temporary holding account was associated with one specific holding account in the national registry of the Party that provided the Letter of Authorisation (LOA) for the participation of the entity in a given CDM project activity.