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Nor have I been emotionally affected any of the countless times that criticism and malice have been directed at me.

And through my fit of rage and desperation I put the nail in the coffin of EVANESCENCE. Everything I based my existence on, an unreachable dream come true… "By the end of that evening, I saw for the first time what we were not only doing to ourselves, but what our war was doing to everyone around us. I had tried before, out of ignorance, pride, and resentment to convince Amy that she should leave. "It is deeply saddening that such a huge number of you viewed my departure with such animosity and distain. "Try and imagine being in that position for a moment. There was absolutely no argument over rights and ownership. I'm very content with my career and personal relationships. My solo record is as far from EVANESCENCE as it gets, which has a lot to do with why about 12 people own it. "In several thousand of the comments I read yesterday the song of the day seemed to be 'ripping Amy Lee. It is absolutely absurd that anyone would think otherwise."It has been the greatest disappointment and hurt of my life that the very people that so passionately supported my life's work, who gave me the strength to walk away, were so quick to make me the villain.Nor was it someone who would wear Amy Lee's clothes, or try to sing like Amy Lee. "Though some of you will continue to disagree, and contradict this…the absolute 100% unavoidable FACT of the situation is that you still have EVANESCENCE SOLELY because I was willing to leave. Having a band almost a decade later that I can make the music I love with on such a minuscule scale compared to EVANESCENCE just to be happy…is pretty goddam little to ask. This need to pick a side is only real in your head. i just wish you'd spare yourselves so much wasted time and energy tearing everything down. And that's energy and passion you could put towards something positive."I love EVANESCENCE."I hate to break it to you, but this is about five people who love to make music together. How about the songs I wrote on both DAUGHTRY records. And I refuse to sit silent while while a great number of you insist on making something that should be so wonderful and positive in to this bullshit. "Do any of you really think I'm trying to steal thunder from EVANESCENCE or defeat Amy Lee at some stupid pissing contest? If there were any way in the universe I could go back and do things differently.. But I have never been stronger in my resolve and belief that I made the right decision for everyone.Singer, songwriter and composer, Amy Lee is renowned in the world for being the co founder of the rock band Evanescence where she also serves as the lead vocalist. She is also famous for her soundtrack album, Aftermath.Amy who is known for her powerful Mezzo-Soprano vocals was born as Amy Lynn Lee in Riverside, California, United States of America to John Lee and Sara Cargill. In 2003, Amy had serious romantic love affairs with Shaun Morgan. They dated each other for about two years and they broke up in 2005.

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At that time, there was no way we would ever complete another record together. That we'd be better off and EVANESCENCE didn't need her. "Here are a few major truths that escaped almost all of you…"I left so that EVANESCENCE would continue. It is remarkably rare that a person is ever faced with a decision like that in a lifetime. "Not only did I give Amy exactly what she wanted, and EVANESCENCE exactly what it needed, but I did everything in my power to ensure I didn't cause a single speed bump on their massive ride to worldwide success. I owned 50% of the trademark and property value of the now very valuable brand of EVANESCENCE. The only thing missing from my life was the satisfaction of playing the music I love most live.. In this time EVANESCENCE has progressed a great distance from the original sound.made it clear that they intended to expand much further. Why deny ourselves the experience of doing what it is we do best? "I made EVANESCENCE music to leave a mark on this world. And even though Amy Lee, the one you hold so dear, has TOLD YOU ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS that the happiest she's ever been in the band was after my departure…you make her a victim.